How it Works

Think of something you would like to find in Stockholm. Not just something you want to buy, or some specific place you already know you want to visit, but an area of interest that you have.

It could be anything. Umbrellas. Folkdancing, Nia Dance Movement, Fencing, Elegant and Effective Training (click the last button on the left to find out more). Movies filmed in Stockholm. Costume designers at the Theater or at the Opera. Musical instrument designers. Art galleries of early 20th century art. Anything. The history of steam engines. Where fish are traded. You are unique and what you want to learn about Stockholm is precious to you and to me.

Google is your friend, there's no doubt, but sometimes the art store is too small to be on Google. Sometime the owner of the art store wants to select the persons visiting his gallery. Sometimes the Museum is called something else such as the private home of a special artist who has no official gallery in town. Google will only find things that are on the web, or are referred to on the web, and it may sort its results so that the thing you want is buried under a few hundred thousand others.

The area between the Google search and the total picture is my specialized area where I can be your tour advisor.

So tell me your interest, in as much detail as you think appropriate, and tell me when you are coming, and for how long. I'll probably need at least a day or two, and the more challenging topics may take up to two weeks.

I will deliver your unique report to you upon your arrival and you can use it as map and compass or I can join you and show you which turns to take to get to each location.

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